Why Men Should Do the Group Fitness Classes at the Gym


I can’t help but notice that there are never any guys in the group fitness classes at the gym. Why is that? Group classes have come a long way since the days of aerobics, step, and Jane Fonda leg warmers. Nowadays, most gyms are offering boxing, sports conditioning, and yoga–a diversified offering that suits men just as much as it does women. But still, no guys in sight.

This befuddles me greatly. As someone who attends classes on a regular basis, I can say with certainty that group classes are a dynamic, efficient, and super challenging approach to fitness. I benefit greatly from them, and I know men could, too, if they’d only let go of the notion that they’re catered purely to women.

So, men, in this blog post, I’m going to try to convince you that group exercise classes could be the answer to your fitness rut, and even help you yield the best results of your life.

3 Reasons Why Men should do the Group Fitness Classes at the Gym

1. Get a Total Body Workout in Less than 1 Hour

It’s difficult to complete an exercise routine in under 1 hour on your own. It requires planning, and let’s face it, it’s hard enough to get to the gym in the first place. The classes offer a complete fitness circuit that targets all the muscle groups to the point of fatigue. Plus, the instructors work on your heart rate, too, making sure it’s elevated the entire time. This means you can skip the cardio because it’s mixed in with the strength training.

2. It’s Harder than You Think

Most men don’t realize how challenging group classes can be. I’ve seen dudes dying just to keep up. Often times they are shocked at how well the women perform. Over time, after seeing the same guys in certain classes, I’ve witnessed their tremendous improvement and have seen the results – they look hot!


3. It’s Easier to Meet Women

Women don’t like to be approached at the gym (duh!). But in group classes, women actually approach men. No joke! I’ve done it myself. Women feel more connected to guys if they’re sharing the same experience, and as a result, they’re more open. Trust me, if you’re worried that women are going to think you’re a wimp for doing the classes, you’ve got it all wrong. In fact, it’s the exact opposite – it’s kinda sexy.

The Best Group Fitness Classes for Guys

Not all group classes are meant for guys. You can skip Zumba, for example. But here are a few you can get excited about.



What it is: Available at most gyms, spinning is stationary cycling and is mainly a cardiovasular exercise.

Why it’s great for guys: It’s 45 minutes of intense movement and totally customizable. You change the bike’s resistance to compliment your fitness ability. There’s a collective energy that builds when everyone is pedaling away, and you can’t replicate that on a trendmill. Find an instructor with a good playlist and just ride. You’ll be addicted.


Sports Conditioning

What it is: If you’ve ever played a team sport during high school or college, these classes will remind you of those after-school practices. Pull ups, push ups, sprints, cones, and the shuffle–ah, the good ‘ole days. Well, this is almost the same (just without the cheerleaders).

Why it’s great for guys: Lots of guys at the gym forget the basics and instead go straight for the bench press. One of the best measurements of fitness level is whether or not you can lift your own body weight. These classes emphasize repetition and building your endurance level, which is what will determine how well you perform at your next flag football game or on the ski slope. Plus, these classes make you sweat and incorporate lots of heart-pounding cardio.



What it is: Yoga is a full body workout that creates both strength and flexibility. Adam, our CEO here at The Pump, can attest to the awesome impact it can have on your level of fitness. He has been doing yoga for a couple of years now, and he swears by it as a way to stretch on his off days.

Why it’s great for guys: Men tend to get really tight in the hips, hamstrings, and shoulders, which often leads to injury. Yoga is a great tension-free approach to stretching. Plus, it’s been shown to improve one’s golf swing, too!

As you know, a good fitness routine must be supported by a healthful diet, and we make that really easy here at The Pump. So if this blog post gives you the urge to join a group fitness class, we want to hear about your experience. Please drop us a comment below and get the conversation started.