What a Normal Guy Needs to Know About Skin Care

Skincare is not something the average guy is concerned with. Men have been brought up to be clean and learn to take care of things. Looking like a sculpted goddess was never part of the plan. It is nice to look good. But, as a man in this world, looks should not be what he strives for. Looks do not matter in terms of getting things that just work the way you want them too. Though, the year is 2019 and some men feel they need to look good to impress women. Personally, I am not one to judge you but start the best facial moisturizer for men as a start. Get your face looking right and then later work on your other body parts. Your face has a lot of bumps, scars, and redness that could use some work. Work on your face first in my own opinion. More things you might want to know about face skincare below.

Get Skin Clean Products for Men

Every skin clean product you buy should be for men. Don’t use the women stuff or your sister stuff. No, that stuff will not work as effective as the men’s skin clean products. Men have skin that is often more oily than women. Their skin is made to be tougher to withstand more punishment. Could be that men were built for war. They use to hunt in tribes and sacrifice themselves for the tribe. It kept civilization alive all this time. Scientist take these things into consideration to make men have skin that is very soft like a women. The best facial moisturizer is designed to make the process go faster. These face cleaning products can only hydrate the skin, soften it up, and make you look pretty. Pretty like a God from the sky. If you going to take skin clean products made for men, don’t expect to have a tough face that can take punches.

best facial moisturizer for men

Wash Face Morning and Nights

If you truly want to get your face looking young and healthy, you got to wash face twice a day.Sometimes, I don’t want to take a shower each day. But, you got to wash your face twice a day in order to get the dirt that come in from yesterday and the outside in one day. You won’t be able to clean the face good if you wash it with a face cleaning product once a day. There is a problem I forgot to mention. Some of these face cleaning products should only be used once a day as instructed. In those instances, cut it down to once a dace with face cleaner product. Doing it two times can burn your face or cause you more skin problems. Always read the instructions and see if you can wash your face two times with the face cleaning product you bought.

Use Benzene Peroxide to Fight Acne in Face

Benzene peroxide does a high performance in removing acne from your face. Acne is the red bumps you had when you was in high school. Well, some of those bumps come back when you gt older. Bacteria loves to make your face bumpy and itchy. When they come back to your face, use a facial cleanser that has benezene peroxide in it. It will sting a little bit but it works well getting your face to become less bumpy. Kills zit causing bacteria that try to invade face every time you go outside. Face also transforms into a nice little boy face that you use have when you was younger. The face your girlfriend wants you to have. A face she can brag to her friends and talk about how cute you look compared to the other men. Besides, those red bumps need to be destroyed.