Clean the Inside of Bottle By Applying These Tips

Water bottles are fun to have and provide you with a lot of uses. You can put any liquid you want in them. Want to drink orange juice or water mixed with a little lemonade? Make it happen with a water bottle and the mixture. I always find carrying a empty water bottle to useful. There are times when I want to get a new one. The bottle does like to carry flavors over and stuff. That’s why I took it upon myself to learn how to fix it. The answer was obvious and I figured it would end up with me cleaning the bottle. Cleaning a water bottle can sound stupid but think about the full effect you could get from cleaning and reusing a water bottle. Makes you feel you are taking a whole new take on it doesn’t it? Below, I want to teach you how to clean your water bottle. Drinks should taste like it is suppose to with each sip.


Empty Bottle and Rinse

The first step in cleaning your bottle is to empty all the water that is in it. The bottle needs to be completely empty so you can begin cleaning it from the inside. Don’t want any fruits, alcohols, or soda juice carried over in the next water fill up. Make sure you untwist the top part to do it. Do not be lazy and squeeze everything from the bottle like a water gun. No, open the entire thing up and dump the liquid somewhere. I suggest you put it somewhere like your sink or outside grass. Once done, you are ready for the next step.

 Fill Up With Soap and Water

Second, fill your water bottle up with soap and water. The soap you can use can be dish washing liquid, bar soap, or bleach. Really any soap around your house can do. Once you got the bottle filled up with water and soap, the next thing is to close the top back. Tightly close the top to your water bottle mind you. I remember shaking up the bottle last month and getting soap all on my white pants. Keep it tight. Next, shake the bottle up and get the soap to foam up all around the water bottle. Make sure the soap is traveling all around the bottle. Then, pour the soap out.

Next, you take your bottle to a water fountain and rise the bottle out with water. Use the kitchen faucet. That seems to be the most applicable one. Rinse it 5 to 7 times to be safe. You don’t want to taste that little soap in your mouth. Even a little of its taste can make your drinking experience a fail. After, you are all done and ready to add in more flavors to your water bottle. Just be sure it is flavors you like. Plastic tends to carry flavors over as time goes by. Don’t use flavors you don’t want to taste again.

 Some Bottles Need Replacements

Unfortunately, you can’t reuse all water bottles. There are times when you drop that weak water bottle and realize that is has small hole in it. Those are the ones you can’t reuse. Also, the ones that turn into a shape that makes it hard for you to get a descent amount of water filled in them. Throw those water bottles away too. I know you really want to reuse that water bottle and save money. But, the experience does not have a price tag when it comes to drinking water. You got to yourself a personal service and buy a new water bottle container. Try a stainless steel one or one with a plastic that does not bend easily. There are plenty of them at your grocery store and online for reasonable prices. Can’t go wrong by looking for another water bottle to upgrade your drinking experience.