Why Men Should Do the Group Fitness Classes at the Gym


I can’t help but notice that there are never any guys in the group fitness classes at the gym. Why is that? Group classes have come a long way since the days of aerobics, step, and Jane Fonda leg warmers. Nowadays, most gyms are offering boxing, sports conditioning, and yoga–a diversified offering that suits men just as much as it does women. But still, no guys in sight.

This befuddles me greatly. As someone who attends classes on a regular basis, I can say with certainty that group classes are a dynamic, efficient, and super challenging approach to fitness. I benefit greatly from them, and I know men could, too, if they’d only let go of the notion that they’re catered purely to women.

So, men, in this blog post, I’m going to try to convince you that group exercise classes could be the answer to your fitness rut, and even help you yield the best results of your life.

3 Reasons Why Men should do the Group Fitness Classes at the Gym

1. Get a Total Body Workout in Less than 1 Hour

It’s difficult to complete an exercise routine in under 1 hour on your own. It requires planning, and let’s face it, it’s hard enough to get to the gym in the first place. The classes offer a complete fitness circuit that targets all the muscle groups to the point of fatigue. Plus, the instructors work on your heart rate, too, making sure it’s elevated the entire time. This means you can skip the cardio because it’s mixed in with the strength training.

2. It’s Harder than You Think

Most men don’t realize how challenging group classes can be. I’ve seen dudes dying just to keep up. Often times they are shocked at how well the women perform. Over time, after seeing the same guys in certain classes, I’ve witnessed their tremendous improvement and have seen the results – they look hot!


3. It’s Easier to Meet Women

Women don’t like to be approached at the gym (duh!). But in group classes, women actually approach men. No joke! I’ve done it myself. Women feel more connected to guys if they’re sharing the same experience, and as a result, they’re more open. Trust me, if you’re worried that women are going to think you’re a wimp for doing the classes, you’ve got it all wrong. In fact, it’s the exact opposite – it’s kinda sexy.

The Best Group Fitness Classes for Guys

Not all group classes are meant for guys. You can skip Zumba, for example. But here are a few you can get excited about.



What it is: Available at most gyms, spinning is stationary cycling and is mainly a cardiovasular exercise.

Why it’s great for guys: It’s 45 minutes of intense movement and totally customizable. You change the bike’s resistance to compliment your fitness ability. There’s a collective energy that builds when everyone is pedaling away, and you can’t replicate that on a trendmill. Find an instructor with a good playlist and just ride. You’ll be addicted.


Sports Conditioning

What it is: If you’ve ever played a team sport during high school or college, these classes will remind you of those after-school practices. Pull ups, push ups, sprints, cones, and the shuffle–ah, the good ‘ole days. Well, this is almost the same (just without the cheerleaders).

Why it’s great for guys: Lots of guys at the gym forget the basics and instead go straight for the bench press. One of the best measurements of fitness level is whether or not you can lift your own body weight. These classes emphasize repetition and building your endurance level, which is what will determine how well you perform at your next flag football game or on the ski slope. Plus, these classes make you sweat and incorporate lots of heart-pounding cardio.



What it is: Yoga is a full body workout that creates both strength and flexibility. Adam, our CEO here at The Pump, can attest to the awesome impact it can have on your level of fitness. He has been doing yoga for a couple of years now, and he swears by it as a way to stretch on his off days.

Why it’s great for guys: Men tend to get really tight in the hips, hamstrings, and shoulders, which often leads to injury. Yoga is a great tension-free approach to stretching. Plus, it’s been shown to improve one’s golf swing, too!

As you know, a good fitness routine must be supported by a healthful diet, and we make that really easy here at The Pump. So if this blog post gives you the urge to join a group fitness class, we want to hear about your experience. Please drop us a comment below and get the conversation started.

Required Reading: Top 5 Health and Wellness Links This Week (January 28, 2011)

Hey, all. Sorry for being so late to post this week’s required reading list…had one of those weeks. (You know, the kind where you look at your to do list for the week at 4pm on Friday afternoon and realize that you haven’t crossed off a single thing…always makes you feel good.)

Anyway, since I’m posting these so late, we’re going to make this week’s reading optional. Don’t think we’re getting soft, though…we’ll resume our regular schedule this coming Friday, and we might even throw in a pop quiz the following Monday. You’ve been warned. ;)

1. Plains Giants Have Foothold on Tables

An interesting piece from the New York Times on the rising prominence of buffalo meat, or bison, in the American diet. Bison has much less fat than beef, which is one of the reasons it’s featured on the menu here at The Pump (not to mention that it tastes really good the way we prepare it). But there’s some debate as to what taste American consumers are looking for and how buffalo should be raised (purely grass-fed vs. “grain-finished”). Good read if you’re a fan of our bison and wonder why it’s priced at something of a premium…demand is just far outstripping supply these days.

Check out the full article over at the New York Times…

2. Taco Bell’s ‘Beef’: Just 36% Actual Beef

Wow…seriously? That’s some scary stuff. No wonder people are suing them for false advertising…

Read more over at Newser…

3. 5 Things You Need to Know About Whole Grains

So you know whole grains are good for you, right? But do you understand why? Or why they’re called “whole” in the first place? I have to admit that this article taught me a few things. That being said, I’m the tech / finance guy here at The Pump, and I’m pretty new, so I’m still getting up to speed on all this nutritional stuff that the rest of the team knows like the back of their hand. Regardless, I bet you’ll learn a thing or two.

Check out the full article over at Livestrong.com…

4. How to Cut 1,700 Calories from Your Super Bowl Snacking (and Still Have Fun)

Some helpful tips on how to avoid consuming an excessive amount of calories this coming Superbowl Sunday. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying you shouldn’t enjoy yourself and let yourself go a little, but it’s good to be aware of just how caloric some of these Superbowl staples can be. Make a couple of small changes to your typical habits, and you’ll feel a lot less guilty on Monday morning.

Check out these 5 helpful tips over at The Daily Green…

5. Never Said About Restaurant Websites

Not an article per se, and not particularly educational, but HIGHLY entertaining. If you’ve ever been frustrated by a restaurant website (actually, has anyone ever come across a restaurant website that hasn’t frustrated them in some way?), check out this great blog devoted to the subject. Constant entertainment. A couple of our favorites:

“I love it when I can’t find the restaurant’s address on their website – I’ll just drive around the city until I find it!”

And no doubt this thought has crossed your mind at some point:

“I love the sexy background music. That way people think I’m on a porn site, when little do they know I’m checking out tapas.”

Or simply:

“Best. Website. Ever.”

Plenty more over at the Never Said About Restaurant Websites tumblog…

P.S. We realize that our own website has some serious room for improvement, and we’ll be launching a new, vastly improved version in the coming months. Rest assured that we’re making careful note of all the great features mentioned on this blog…

Required Reading: Top 5 Health and Wellness Links This Week (January 21, 2011)

Hope you all had a good week. We had a productive one over here at The Pump…served a bunch of food and made a lot of progress internally (exciting things that will be making their way into the restaurant sooner rather than later).

We also found some time do a little reading. Have a great weekend!

1. In South Los Angeles, New Fast-Food Spots Get a ‘No, Thanks’

In a controversial move, LA puts its foot down when it comes to new fast food places – they’re simply not allowed. While we like to think that people are capable of making their own smart decisions about food, we can’t blame the city for wanting to limit the temptations. Hopefully more responsible food concepts will fill the void.

Check out the article for some interesting perspectives from both sides of the debate…

2. How To Start Working Out When You Don’t Like To Exercise

Here’s a great, very realistic perspective on what it takes to get into working out when it’s really just not your thing. The key according to the author: get to a level of fitness where working out stops hurting and starts to feel good. Yes, such a thing exists! If you’ve been trying to get into a regular workout routine but it’s just not sticking, you should give this a read. The author provides 10 excellent tips on how to ease into it.

Check out the full post over at the Summer Tomato blog…

3. Wal-Mart Shifts Strategy to Promote Healthy Foods

Did you know that Wal-Mart sells more groceries than any other company in the US? Me neither, although I guess it’s not that surprising when you think about it. But this suggests that this strategy shift could actually have an impact if it comes to fruition, and we’d be happy to see that.

Learn more about the changes and the timeline over at The New York Times…

4. Phys Ed: Brains and Brawn

What? Lifting weights actually makes you more intelligent? Running does, too, it turns out. It’s all about increasing blood movement to the brain, and both types of exercise have that effect.

Check out this fascinating article over at the Well blog…

5. The Onion: “Just Eat a Goddamn Vegetable”

The Onion has apparently figured out how to solve to the obesity epidemic (we’d expect nothing less). It seems so obvious now…

Exclusive: A Video Interview with Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Body

Exciting news! The Pump recently did an exclusive video interview with Tim Ferriss, the author of the brand new book, The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman. Ferriss, who is best known for the hugely successful self-help guide The 4-Hour Workweek, actually reached out to us (out of the blue!) because he’s a big fan of our food – it’s totally consistent with the diet regimen he advocates in his new book.

Ferriss spent more than 2 weeks in NYC promoting The 4-Hour Body, and during his visit, he ate only The Pump. That’s right–we fed him 2 meals a day for 14 days, 28 meals in total. We were totally flattered when his assistant, Charlie, contacted us and said that Tim wouldn’t eat anything else. If you saw a photo of him, you’d understand, and he promises that anyone who follows the advice laid out in his book can easily do the same.

The 4-Hour Body is Ferriss’ guide to achieving your most perfect self–from a diet plan that promotes rapid fat loss to a step-by-step (and incredibly detailed) guide to awesome sex. He teaches the reader how to be, well, perfect at everything.

And the timing of this interview was perfect because the book hit The New York Times bestseller list just this week! To go along with the interview, Tim gave us 12 copies, each signed, and we’re giving them away for FREE here on our blog – check out the details at the bottom of this post.

So without further ado, here’s Tim in own words, answering our most pressing questions about the new book.

1. What’s the craziest thing you did for the new book?

2. Why are you such a big fan of The Pump?

3. How is your book different than other diet books?

4. What’s your best advice for people struggling to resist holiday temptations?

5. What does The 4-Hour Body teach us about sex?

As you can tell, this is an intense book–it’s close to 600 pages. And you can get a signed copy for FREE, courtesy of Tim Ferriss and The Pump! All you have to do is be one of the first 12 people to leave a comment below. Good luck!

UPDATE: As of 5:00pm EST, all 12 free books have been given away. Sorry if you missed it, but please feel free to comment anyhow. If you’d still like to pick up a copy of The 4-Hour Body (we think you should!), you can order one over at Amazon.