A New Name, A New Blog

Hey, everyone. Sorry that we’ve been radio silent for quite some time…we’ve been totally swamped with the launch of our new name: Dig Inn Seasonal Market.

And now that the new name is fully out there, we have a brand new blog to go with it. Check it out and subscribe here:


Starting today, we’ll be getting back to our regular pace of posting several times per week with lots of news and info about eating well and living a healthful lifestyle, which is what Dig Inn is all about. It’ll just be over on the Dig Inn Blog instead of here.

You can also check out our new website if you’d like to learn more about Dig Inn and what else is changing besides the name (spoiler: not much, and only for the better!). You can find the new site here:


Thanks for reading The Pump Blog, and we hope you’ll join us over at the new Dig Inn Blog. The content will be much the same, and we always love to hear from you!

And with that, we’re out.