Required Reading: Top 5 Health and Wellness Links This Week (January 28, 2011)

Hey, all. Sorry for being so late to post this week’s required reading list…had one of those weeks. (You know, the kind where you look at your to do list for the week at 4pm on Friday afternoon and realize that you haven’t crossed off a single thing…always makes you feel good.)

Anyway, since I’m posting these so late, we’re going to make this week’s reading optional. Don’t think we’re getting soft, though…we’ll resume our regular schedule this coming Friday, and we might even throw in a pop quiz the following Monday. You’ve been warned. ;)

1. Plains Giants Have Foothold on Tables

An interesting piece from the New York Times on the rising prominence of buffalo meat, or bison, in the American diet. Bison has much less fat than beef, which is one of the reasons it’s featured on the menu here at The Pump (not to mention that it tastes really good the way we prepare it). But there’s some debate as to what taste American consumers are looking for and how buffalo should be raised (purely grass-fed vs. “grain-finished”). Good read if you’re a fan of our bison and wonder why it’s priced at something of a premium…demand is just far outstripping supply these days.

Check out the full article over at the New York Times…

2. Taco Bell’s ‘Beef’: Just 36% Actual Beef

Wow…seriously? That’s some scary stuff. No wonder people are suing them for false advertising…

Read more over at Newser…

3. 5 Things You Need to Know About Whole Grains

So you know whole grains are good for you, right? But do you understand why? Or why they’re called “whole” in the first place? I have to admit that this article taught me a few things. That being said, I’m the tech / finance guy here at The Pump, and I’m pretty new, so I’m still getting up to speed on all this nutritional stuff that the rest of the team knows like the back of their hand. Regardless, I bet you’ll learn a thing or two.

Check out the full article over at…

4. How to Cut 1,700 Calories from Your Super Bowl Snacking (and Still Have Fun)

Some helpful tips on how to avoid consuming an excessive amount of calories this coming Superbowl Sunday. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying you shouldn’t enjoy yourself and let yourself go a little, but it’s good to be aware of just how caloric some of these Superbowl staples can be. Make a couple of small changes to your typical habits, and you’ll feel a lot less guilty on Monday morning.

Check out these 5 helpful tips over at The Daily Green…

5. Never Said About Restaurant Websites

Not an article per se, and not particularly educational, but HIGHLY entertaining. If you’ve ever been frustrated by a restaurant website (actually, has anyone ever come across a restaurant website that hasn’t frustrated them in some way?), check out this great blog devoted to the subject. Constant entertainment. A couple of our favorites:

“I love it when I can’t find the restaurant’s address on their website – I’ll just drive around the city until I find it!”

And no doubt this thought has crossed your mind at some point:

“I love the sexy background music. That way people think I’m on a porn site, when little do they know I’m checking out tapas.”

Or simply:

“Best. Website. Ever.”

Plenty more over at the Never Said About Restaurant Websites tumblog…

P.S. We realize that our own website has some serious room for improvement, and we’ll be launching a new, vastly improved version in the coming months. Rest assured that we’re making careful note of all the great features mentioned on this blog…