The Pump Feeds the Hungry with Veggie Burgers

Tis the season for giving, right? That’s why we gave away 113 cases of veggie burgers last night to City Harvest, an organization that helps feed the hungry. That’s 4,068 nutritionally packed patties that will go to food kitchens in New York City. It gives us great joy to give back to our community.

Get a load of this. Boxes of the burgers await the pick up. Luckily it’s super cold outside! Each box has 36 patties inside.

Here’s us loading them into the City Harvest truck. That’s a lot of veggie patties! There’s Sean in the truck, and Shantel and Adria lent a hand outside. Looks like these guys are getting some exercise…

This is what happens when you pull a box from the bottom. It’ll topple. Kinda a bonehead move. The burgers, luckily, were unharmed. My toe is still throbbing though.

We feel good about giving these away. It’s an item that we sold at our 55th street restaurant but have since discontinued in order to focus on other elements of the Pump menu like our organic tofu or baked falafel.

Although these veggie burgers don’t fit into our new menu philosophy (we explain why here), they’re still filled with nutritional benefits. Made from ground raw sunflower seeds, brown rice, carrots, herbs and a little sea salt, these meatless patties are high in protein and a great source of energy.

Thanks, City Harvest, for helping us help others.  Happy New Year New York!